Endless Appreciation -
A meditation on Frank Ocean’s “Endless”

google doc, 2016-ongoing

[excerpt] “For Frank, time stands still, all held breath and melancholy. The music isn’t necessarily sad, or hurt, but an example of a voice that remains tender in spite of all that it’s endured. In Frank’s world, people leave as much as they enter, they love as much as they forget.
“I came to visit ‘cause you see me like a UFO,” he sings to the object of his affection, as detached as he is enamoured. Even in love (or lust), Frank—and disciples of Frank’s word crave an intimacy as vulnerable as it is tangible. But he’s stuck in his own head.”

Radical vulnerability.
A sensitive animal.

How many Franks are there?
How many versions?
I can distinguish two, then three, simultaneously.

How many Franks do you need to build a “spiral staircase to nowhere in particular”?

In the end, just one I guess.
One Frank Ocean + some power tools, some scaffolding and some plywood.
Oh and a lot of time.

The following person got a bit of the jist of it I think:

“More than anything, Frank Ocean has become a barometer by which we—young and spoiled music fans—learn and learn again that patience is a virtue, and that it’s OK to take time with the process, reinventing and reimagining yourself along the way. The question, then, is what do we make of Frank?
He breaks time, weaving through cosmic strings rather than black holes, a glimmer of light before abruptly fading again to darkness” (from What is Time? Amani Bin Shikhan for Noisey)

An important secret to this weaving is revealed precisely by this 40minute version. It’s in the edit. The visual overlapping of different layers of time based imagery, causing a familiar kind of discontinuity. It’s a lot like the Prismizer he occasionally uses to multiply his voice. Strange, but beautiful.

These techniques aren’t new, they are however VERY RARELY used in interesting ways, let alone in “music videos”. In Endless- they are an invitation. An invitation to get bored and immerse myself in Frank’s making process, complicated, layered, non-linear and boring. This is where I enter the work as an active participant. I get to pick, I am even encouraged to do so! I get to control the timeline, making it anything but linear. Endless loop, maybe. Linear. Non.”

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