12345, once i caut a shark, 678910, then it eat my whole body, i did not care at all.

- a nostalgic book by Susan van Veen

(collected writings)

“Nostalgia speaks in riddles and puzzles, trespassing across the boundaries between disciplines and national territories. So one has to face it in order not to become its next victim—or the next victimizer.”

In 2-dimensional representations of the World Map, Europe is often located very much at the center. In 2-dimensional representations of Europe, Switzerland is located very much at the center.

Nostalgia was born in Zwitserland. In spite of its Greek roots, the word “nostalgia” did not originate in ancient Greece. “Nostalgia” is only pseudo-Greek, or nostalgically Greek. The word was coined by the ambitious Swiss student Johannes Hofer in his medical dissertation in 1688. In the 17th century, nostalgia was considered to be a curable disease, akin to a severe common cold. Swiss doctors believed that opium, leeches, and a journey to the Swiss Alps would take care of nostalgic symptoms.